Snack Raps

What would Waka Flocka sound like if he were actually a group of elementary schoolers from North Minneapolis? Well, my fellow trap enthusiasts, ponder this conundrum no further .

Brought to you by North Community Beats And Rhymes Program (a YMCA after-school program) “Hot Cheetos And Takis” is a certified trunk rattler featuring young emcees waxing poetics about their favorite junk foods.  Despite the novelty of the track, it’s actually pretty solid. The beat is thorough and the use of the catchphrase ‘Snacks!’ as opposed to ‘swag!’ offers a refreshing twist on a word that has almost certainly worn out its’ welcome.

Lyrically speaking, the pre-pubescent rhymesters definitely hold it down, each with his or her own unique voice, flow and presentation. Wish I could’ve had that sense of artistic direction at such a young age.

If this track connects with your inner-child, Y.N. Rich Kids have a whole catalog worthy of replay. Extracurriculars have never been this exciting.


A Passion Project

Passion, society tells us to follow ours ( though in most cases restrains us from it). It’s the reason we wake up in the morning and continue with our mediocre lives, we cling to it, hoping that one day we will be able to chase our passion with all of our time, money and heart. Well for French Biologist Stephane Pauquet, that day has come.

With the help of Quechua, a French, outdoor equipment company, Pauquet was able to present his vision, his life and his passion of Ec0-Conservation to the public. The project is called Greenvest, a company that mediates conservation donations and projects in South America by finding benefactors, and delivering the necessary products their donations provide directly to the source. The goal of the company is to create a network of ecologically minded individuals and programs to sustain and build upon projects being done in the name conservation.

The video documents Pauquet’s work, which takes him from frigid mountain top to tropical rainforest. Not only does our French philanthropist get to travel to foreign and exotic landscapes, he does so knowing he will be compensated in both pocket and karma, sounds pretty nice right?

When he speaks, he speaks with an earnestness that replicates his work and goals. We all should be so lucky to live as Pauquet does, following our passion, succeeding in it and leaving a legacy that inspires others to do the same.