Front Row Wisdom: Prometheus Brown

Had the pleasure of opening up for Prometheus Brown aka Mr. Rapper With A Camera aka 1/2 of Blue Scholars aka Geo aka Filipino George, in Madison a few months ago. Beforehand, myself and some of the other performers had the opportunity to have a small workshop/Q&A/human interaction.

Super low-key and relaxed, it was an invigorating conversation that made the evening’s performance all the more powerful. We balanced a load of topics, like what it meant to be an artist as part of the movement for social justice, as well as laugh at some of modern hip-hop’s absurd enigma’s (riff raff anyone?)

Geo is a humble dude, a quality we seldom see into today’s hip-hop paradigm of inflated ego’s and personalities. His insight into art, organizing and the balancing act between the two resonated in such a way that it left me feeling rejuvenated and with a new found focus moving forward.

Recently he completed a three month artist-in-residence program with the Seattle Town Hall, click the visual above and you can catch his final presentation, in full, courtesy of Seattle Channel. A solid hour of rap songs, snapshots and dialogue that all come highly recommended.