Spoleto Wrap-Up

Had the immense pleasure of attending and covering the 2017 Spoleto Music and Arts Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. Working with the Pulitzer Prize Winning Post and Courier provided great insight and experience. Over the course of three weeks I was lucky enough to cover a wide array of artists and events. Samples of the work are available to read below, enjoy.

Charleston Gospel Choir

Sofia Rei

Charles Lloyd

Terence Blanchard

The In-Between



Chronicles Mixtape Out Now

Today is the day, presenting the debut solo mixtape “Chronicles.” The songs on this project were created over past three years and cover a broad range of subjects from revolution to spiritual healing. This is a snapshot of a young man with a message trying to connect with the world. Listen like you’re reading a collection of short stories. Hope you enjoy, much more music to come this year.

TOO: SLIC Degeneration Project Coming 9.23

Higher Education Records presents the return of SLIC (Some Like It Cold, Self-Loathing Inspired Children) the collaborative effort of vagabond emcee Cold Medina and rapper/producer/instrumentalist Airo Kwil. The duo’s new release “Too SLIC: Degeneration” is a seven track exploration of societal decay, personal excess and the gentle balance of carelessness and maintaining humanity.

Above, take a glimpse at the duo’s  live performance of the new project, as well as a download to link to the”Degeneration” single produced by orignalvision. Open your ears, rage to the decay.

Love For C&R And Beyond…

The ‘cantaloupe & rum’ project has been making some waves over the internet these past couple of weeks. The first being a feature in The Source Magazine column Never On Schedule But Always On Time, which includes a look at the ‘mannerisms‘ video and the company of such rap luminaries as Alexander Spit and Logic.

The project also received a very positive review from The Illixer, which sited their top 3 favorite tracks as well as deeper exploration of the album and its concepts.

As the recognition begins to increase, the focus and dedication remain the same. This year has a few more collaborative projects in store, and as the game begins to elevate, it is important to remain grounded and secure in the direction one chooses. Count the blessings first and the dollar bills are sure to follow. See you around.

– C. Medina