Spit Trips To That Otherside

While the concept of short films as tools for album promotion is nothing new, Cali emcee/producer Alexander Spit delivers a gratifying and original effort for his album A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside.

Equal parts Tarantino as Hunter S. Thompson, the short film serves as an extended music video featuring clips from each track on the album. As one could guess from the comparisons , both the music and video present a dystopian, dark and psychedelic adventure through the mind of Spit.

Through brooding soundscapes and self-loathing/abusive lyrics, Spit provides the backdrop for a non-linear narrative about a young girl-turned-stripper and her abusive, junky father. While the plot line may seem a bit tired, the actual execution is what elevates the film to something larger than just a long music video.  The dark lens and dissonant shots create a sort of magical realism to be appreciated by spacey and sober minds alike.

Overall, Spit does an excellent job of complimenting the music with comparably sinister visuals. If you enjoy this, you will almost certainly appreciate the video done for the album’s title track, a direct ode to Fear And Loathing and the dissolution of the American Dream.


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