MOCAtv: Art In The Digital Age

Recently the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles introduced it’s latest project, a partnership with Youtube entitled MOCAtv.  This endeavor is an attempt to bring contemporary art to the virtual world in a way that deconstructs the elitist nature typically associated with such material.

With 5 sub-categories the channel has a little something for everyone. I was personally introduced to the site through it’s Art In The Streets playlist, which explores street art and it’s expanding influence on popular culture. Having gained some notoriety for it’s controversial “tribute” to Jean-Michel Basquiat, the site is not without it flaws. However one particular piece I found worthy of replay was a doc-style short film on Bay Area Artist Barry McGee and his mid-career retrospective at the Berkeley Art Museum.

Filmed through a first person perspective, the video attempts to capture the perspective of the artist, and how he filters all of the sensory input that fuels inspiration. The abstract approach, made for an intriguing experience and gives the viewer some insight into the artistic lens, while remaining accessible to anyone who may stumble upon the video while casually perusing Youtube.


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