Pho Life

As an  emcee still residing in the bubble of academia, I’ve always been a fan of artists who come from that background yet still embody the essence of hip-hop. Ever since their self titled debut, Seattle duo Blue Scholars has always embodied what higher learning hip-hop is all about. Consciously driven, but never at the sacrifice for style, the crew has carved out a lane for themselves as backpackers with a rich aesthetic.

Three studio albums and a handful of EPs later, the group is beginning to explore artistic avenues outside of their original claim to fame. Emcee, Prometheus Brown recently released a collaborative project with fellow filipino, Bambu, to much acclaim.

The production half, Sabzi has kept busy as well, working with emcee RA Scion to create under the Common Market moniker.  He has also spent time as a DJ in LA and NYC. Now he’s back again, this time in the promotion of his Pho Life Project, which will be released under his TOWNFOLK imprint.

The project features a variety of art pieces all in ode to Pho, the traditional Vietnamese soup, which is sure to salivate the taste buds. In promotion for the event, Sabzi has released a video as part of a Kickstarter campaign, where he not only handles production but drops some bars as well! This is a must see for any casual fan of Seattle hip-hop (sans Macklemore), cool buttons and Pho. And, in case you unaware, it doesn’t rhyme with ‘yo.’


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