Bukowski Back

By now it should be a foregone conclusion that anything related to the late, great, Charles Bukowski is probably going to get some love on here. This next contribution comes from a group of fellow literary heads slouching toward nirvana. The good folks at VidWest Media teamed up with the Art of Alexander Landerman and DJ Imaginary Friend for a unique visual experience all in tribute to the Buk.

The subtle scratches of the DJ layered over Bukowski’s beautifully nihilistic verse is powerful yet understated. The cameras fast motion scenes displaying the re-creation Charles’  image with charcoal chalk and paper make for a stunning conglomeration. This is what artistic collaboration is meant to be: focused, captivating, shared, moving.

Unlike the last Bukowski related post I think Charles might actually endorse this use of his likeness, because it is art for the sake of art (with just an inkling of self promotion), but mostly because it is all about him, and what writer doesn’t enjoy a healthy (or unhealthy) portion of narcissism, especially one as gluttonous as Chuck?


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