Method Man Shows His Versatitilty In New Ad Campaign

Often times when musicians and corporate entities collaborate to create a commercial or marketing campaign fans are initially concerned and weary of the end results. Will the artist be given enough creative license? Does the collaboration make sense? Does the end result reflect both the artist and the brand being marketed?

The new commercial/music video that Sour Patch Kids and Wu-Tang Clan Member, Method Man have created hits on all cylinders.

First and foremost the song itself is actually pretty good and has been made available for download. Method Man shows no sign of corporate influence at all as he delivers the song in his typically animated, tongue-and-cheek style all while staying on subject addressing the sour/sweet aspect of the candy.

The video also does a good job of relating past Sour Patch advertisements  to the song by once again displaying the the candy men involved in some good-natured mischief.

The video is successful because it builds off the strengths of both collaborators. Method Man built a career with a focus and dedication to staying true to his Staten Island roots while Sour Patch Kids has built strong brand recognition with the slogan “First their sour then their sweet.” The video combines the best of both, to create an innovative and effective advertising experience.


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